Lundi 17 janvier 2011

purple handbags New York, a female cleaner into the 26-story building, Tower 1, missing after

purple handbags New York, a female cleaner into the 26-story building, Tower 1, missing after

the original World Trade Center in New York City,purple handbags, where the block in the Even so,louis vuitton designer wallets, there still happened with the incredible case.

46-year-old cleaner from the local Eric Dania Rodriguez at 17:00 on the 7th into the Rector Street,louis vuitton mens wallet, Manhattan 2,louie v, no greater after a 26-story building out,cute handbags, building surveillance video li photographed her last night 7 pm.


9,fendi purses, the Associated Press quoted family solicitor Daniel Rodrigues Ferreira as saying: saw her dressed in blue overalls,handbags for less, and other colleagues with the late-night chat ... ... but after 19 o'clock,purses and handbags, she has to never appeared in front of the camera. The building where the surveillance camera did not get off Rodriguez to leave,clutch, as usual,louis vuitton neverfull bag, she did not take the subway home together with my colleagues,expensive purses, purses and casual wear are still in her locker.

because many financial institutions,handbag importers, attaches great importance to the incident,discount authentic louis vuitton bags, district office security,handbags, staff Xuping identification card to enter the building. Security and surveillance cameras cover every entrance and many public areas. People from the hall into the elevator before the electronic system will be photographed.

in the world-renowned architect .. Kantor took over the task after the World Trade Center redevelopment design studio moved to this building. Robert Ross,louis vuitton backpack purse, his aides told reporters: mother. Since her mysterious disappearance from the family spirit of the almost collapse. They are afraid to face the worst.

(police) as soon as possible to find her,louis vuitton monogram speedy, take her home. . Rodriguez also mentioned the fear of where the night shift,dior handbags, because the entire corridor is open and there is no surveillance cameras.

Her friend added: House,handbag accessories, in addition to work as she almost did not go out,handbags and purses, 7 pm,green leather handbag, the family home not to wait until Rodriguez decided to police.

police intervention

8,black leather handbag, the morning the police quietly blocked the entire building,louis vuitton theda handbag, sending police and police dogs combed this area more than 40 million square meters of office space,original louis vuitton, looking for clues. However,louis vuitton purse strap, did not find any trace of the missing woman,louis vuitton mahina bag, the police had to close to noon,louis vuitton keepall, building permits staff to go home.

searchers were found in 8 layers of card Rodriguez,louis vuitton duffle bag, the 10-story locker to find her casual,handbags wholesale, but has not yet found identification cards. After the disappearance,discount louis vuitton handbags, her phone has not been used.

office in preparation to start the second round of surveillance.
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mens louis vuitton sunglasses New train will be designed style wedding invitations

 mens louis vuitton sunglasses New train will be designed style wedding invitations

Train When the wedding invitations wedding invitations ,mens louis vuitton sunglasses

photo journalists Haiying Li Xiangyun

Guests holding 'train' for boarding ... ... Strangely,handbag shop, all the guests to come to a train ticket in hand! What kind of ceremony ticket holders need to attend?

invitations designed like real cow train

at the scene,designer leather bags, the reporter saw the restaurant's outdoor wall hung a length of 21 meters,navy blue handbags, 2.4 meters wide color screen,discount louis vuitton purses, painted with a train being run on tracks,speedy 25, the train car was also marked with Both the bride and groom dressed people are an Into the

11:00 many wedding guests have arrived,clear louis vuitton bag, each hand is holding a Ming specially designed for the wedding invitations. The size of a postcard invitation was designed to Guests are kindly invited to

wonder that receive the invitation invitations for Lei Yiming thumbs. ? also home to some carefully studied, and finally figure out those numbers,designer handbag, Luo Ling issued the invitations to the office one by one colleague, colleagues are all talking about are called Xiao. Interview a number of guests,brown handbags, almost all receive a However,designer handbags outlet, guests are more eye-opening number of bridegroom Lei Yiming also presided over the wedding ourselves.

wonder the groom to host their own wedding

12 : about 20 minutes,louis vuitton outlet online, the wedding is about to begin,leather bags, you can all but wonder,wholesale louis vuitton, this master of ceremonies Where are you? Lei Yiming saw a pick up the phone to start welcoming speech on stage,discount authentic louis vuitton handbags, chair? Everyone laughed.

the bridegroom and host capability to play two roles,louis vuitton purses and handbags, to

then,monogrammed handbags, the wedding also broadcast a 20-minute video,discount authentic louis vuitton bags, telling the story of two people fell in love from strangers. In the video at the same time,louis vuitton purses for cheap, Lei Yiming the handheld microphone and became a narrative voice-over.

story K166 train is the January 11,handbags on sale, 2003, at Yunnan University sophomore Lei Yiming on New Year ready to return to Chengdu,shoulder handbags, Kunming,mens handbags, in the k166 plays on the train bound for Xi'an,kanye west louis vuitton, he met Luo Ling. Division as a sophomore in Luo Chuan Ling was returned from the Emei school,louis vuitton duffle bag, where the car went Lei Yiming,purses boutique, and standing next to him. Cheerful humor Lei Yiming Luo Ling on first sight,dkny bags, he took the initiative to strike up a conversation,lv purse, and make way for Luo Ling,louis vuitton monogram handbags, the two met on the way out, and leave phone number. After two years,handbags louis vuitton, far more than the two together,louis vuitton mens shoes, only through the Internet and telephone contact after graduation,louis vuitton bags cheap, Lei Yiming back to Chengdu,orla kiely, Luo Ling remained in his side,louis vuitton leather handbag, they let it come together.

first met to commemorate, as the interior designer's imagination and creativity into full play Lei Yiming,louis vuitton bags collection, invitations and a special commemorative significance,louis vuitton shoulder bag, he hopes to get its people can each save and recall once again that when the happy day.

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